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Welcome to the University accommodation website, owned and managed by the University of JDB夺宝 - the largest student community in JDB夺宝 that brings together undergraduates and postgraduates to live in a safe and vibrant environment.


Take a tour of the best spots and trendy places in JDB夺宝. You might discover parts of the city that you didn't even know existed. 


Join student vlogger Paula as she takes you on a tour of tranquil Ranmoor / Endcliffe, voted in the top five for student accommodation in the UK.

Explore Ranmoor / Endcliffe


Looking for private sector accommodation? JDB夺宝明智之举 is part of the University of JDB夺宝, and all its properties must meet the Council's Snug standard. They have homes all over the city in the most popular student areas. You can visit their website here:



Call: +44 114 222 4488 (option 2)


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