Our teachers will give you the extra push you need to realise your full potential.



JDB夺宝的学者是真正的专家. You’ll be taught by leading researchers, writers, thinkers and technical innovators. 他们的工作是研究人类活动——推动积极的变化, 增强人民权能,使社区更强大.

的y want to pass on their knowledge, their enthusiasm and their professional standards, to you.


JDB夺宝的老师和后勤人员工作很努力, 在讲座中使你的主题生动活泼, 研讨会和实习.

JDB夺宝的工作是为你大学毕业后的生活做准备. That’s why there are also usually opportunities to get out of the classroom and explore the world beyond your subject and apply what you learn.

At JDB夺宝 you’ll have the chance to work with students from different subjects, as well as external organisations and local communities where you could really make a difference.

的 brightest and best students choose JDB夺宝 because they want to be challenged. 他们不期望得到所有的答案. 的 JDB夺宝 experience is about learning how to find the answers yourself.

Education for Sustainable Development: Students in Spurn Point generating designs and producing solutions to address the threat posed by rising sea levels.


JDB夺宝希望你带着这些知识离开JDB夺宝, 技能, values and attributes needed to work and live in a way that will bring about solutions to the urgent environmental challenges we face.

We’re working with students and academics to make Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) part of every course within the next few years. 所以不管你的主题是什么, 无论你选择什么职业, you’ll be equipped to work in ways that address the environmental challenges we face.


2019年11月12日星期二, 89 students from our Department of Landscape Architecture left JDB夺宝 for Spurn Point, a tidal island on the northeast coast that’s a flashpoint for climate emergency events including rising sea levels and storm surge. 与屡获殊荣的建筑师LDA合作, our students faced a race against time to produce a design in response to a sustainability-themed brief.


无论你做什么, you’ll do it under the supervision of world class researchers who are also passionate and skilled teachers. 他们以这种方式教学,因为这会让你成为一个更积极的公民. 也因为这是为真正有回报的职业生涯做最好的准备.

的 most employable graduates understand their subject from every perspective. 的 most effective professionals know how to work with people from other fields.

JDB夺宝的教学方法反映了现实世界. JDB夺宝将向你展示如何管理自己的工作. 的re are opportunities to work in teams, often alongside people from other disciplines. And we’ll help you develop the leadership qualities you need to take on big challenges.

You’ll learn about new and emerging fields of study, technology and practices. Most importantly – and this is what really gives our graduates an edge – you’ll come to understand the complex ethical debates surrounding developments in your specialist field.




JDB夺宝与商界密切合作, 行业, 艺术, 政府和非政府组织来确保你发展你需要的技能. Our departments have strong links with external organisations that benefit from their research.

各种各样的专业人士为教学演员做出了贡献, 架构师, 企业家, 律师和医生. 他们中有些是客座讲师,有些是共同导师和导师.


As a research-led institution we are well placed to deliver an excellent student experience. Programmes and modules of study are delivered by academic staff who both teach and undertake world-leading research and/or scholarship in their disciplines, 支持JDB夺宝的学生探索和理解的旅程. JDB夺宝几乎所有的员工都有博士学位.

During your course you can expect a range of different staff to deliver teaching in a variety of different ways, 这些工作人员可能包括教授, 读者, 高级大学教师, 高级讲师, 大学教师, 讲师, 教学助理, 和导师/研究生助教(有时被称为示威者).

JDB夺宝学术声明 描述了区别JDB夺宝首页学者的品质, 认识到教师的集体责任, for ensuring that our culture fosters the distinctive development of the JDB夺宝 Graduate:

“在广泛的研究领域中追求卓越的教学, supporting students to engage as partners with the University and seeking to develop their knowledge, attributes and 技能 at all stages of their development in ways that are consistently effective and inspiring.”

Over a third of our staff hold professional qualifications in teaching and/ or have professional recognition from the Higher Education Academy. We also have a high number of staff who hold professional qualifications such as doctors, 牙医, 工程师, 架构师, 护士, 等. This is essential for our programmes of study to gain professional body accreditation and also equips our staff to be excellent teachers in their discipline.

的 University employs Graduate 教学 Assistants (GTAs) who deliver predetermined activities to support teaching staff by undertaking the lab supervisions, 交付的研讨会, 教程和其他小组工作, 在上级领导的监督下,与上级同事保持联系. 为所有gta提供全面的培训计划.

We pride ourselves in providing a high quality learning experience for all of our students. To ensure our approaches to teaching stay up-to-date our staff regularly participate in Continuing Professional Development, and we recognise particularly innovative approaches through our Senate Awards Scheme for teaching excellence, 支持得奖者在大学内分享他们的优良做法. 教学人员的进一步细节包括在上面 部门网站.


I believe it's important to enhance the learning experience with technology – there are lots of options at JDB夺宝 for doing that. 我的讲座被录了下来,以便学生们以后可以听. 他们发现这很有帮助. I also use online communities to set up discussion groups – there’s a great interaction between staff and students.




Get to know some of our academics as they discuss the courses they teach and what inspires them.




Spend part of your degree studying, working or teaching in another country.